2010 Photo Project

This is a fun project I did throughout 2010. The last time I had to evacuate for a fire, I didn’t bring my journals. Since then, I’ve been entering the handwritten books into my computer, so they’ll be backed up. I was struck by how things have changed over the years, places and things that have disappeared or are radically different. I wished I had photos of the everyday life around me over the years.

So in 2010 I made a visual diary of places and things in my life. The more I shot, the more ideas I had. Favorite places–restaurants, hikes, the hair salon.¬† I especially wanted to photograph things that would look very different in a few years–cellphone, computer screen, car interior. Throughout the year I found different plants blooming. The weather changed. Every day there seemed to be more things I needed to shoot.

I wound up with over 800 photos. I used Adobe Lightroom during the year to collect the photos automatically and get them in shape to put into a photo book. (For more explanation, and a comparison of three different companies I used to make the books, see here.)

(Left, My Publisher; top right, Mpix; bottom right, Adorama)

The book is great fun to flip through and remember the year. I’m going to enjoy it even more in five or ten years. I wish I had one from five or ten years ago.

Here’s a gallery with just a few of the photos. After the gallery, I’ve got a list of some of the things/places I shot. I hope it gives you ideas for your own personal photo project, for yourself or someone else. You might want to make a slide show, using your favorite music from the year. Have fun!

I shot:

Street signs, post office, cell phone, iPod, hikes, wildflowers, rainbows, sunrises and sunsets, computer programs, cookbooks, restaurants, buses, cars, takeout menus, what’s in the pantry, what’s in my medicine cabinet, cosmetics, tools, shoes, shirts, my dentist’s office, the hair salon, grocery stores, hardware stores, mailboxes, newspaper vending boxes, newspapers, magazines, DVD’s, CD’s, TV shows, credit cards, cash, camera gear, jewelry, gas prices, fast food menus, eyeglasses, watches, flowers blooming in my garden, what I made for dinner, hats, remote controls, and so much more….