An Auspicious Day

For the rest of you, this is 10/10/10. The binary is 42 (the answer to the meaning of life in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers series). A lucky day all around.

But this is also my half birthday. So I’m 55.5 today. And it’s halfway through my champagne year (I was born in 1955 and I’m 55).

I got my face painted at an event at my vet. The big dog persuaded people to share their hot dogs with him (they were veggie dogs, but still tasty). The event raised lots of money for Friends of Animals.

We met 300 Special Olympics attendees on the Santa Monica Pier and I think 299 of them petted the dogs. It’s sunny and glorious in Southern California.

Someone told me I should buy a lottery ticket. It felt better to donate to some charities. A lucky day for all of, indeed.