Bye Bye CBC

It may not surprise you that at one time I had a bit of an eBay problem. Well, “problem” is a strong word. Then again, maybe not. I decided to buy a few vintage Basset Hound collectibles.

Lotta CrapTurns out eBay has all kinds of Cheap Basset Crap, I mean Cherished Basset Collectibles. There are planters, cookie jars, banks, bottles, just about anything you can imagine. And a few you probably can’t.

Hot Dog DogsThese are hot dog plates. The mustard and relish go in the ears. How have you lived without these?

Hungover HoundFor some reason, booze and Bassets seem to go together. Since all my dogs are named after liquor, I can relate. This is a bottle (the glove on top is the cork) and it’s titled “How Dry I Am.” Not too sure what that has to do with a losing fighter. Don’t drink and punch?

All in OneThis is a bottle and cups, and the tail makes a carrying handle. Just what you need for a portable party with five close friends.

Who gave him a gun???Because you want to keep your cookies in a jar shaped like a gun-totin’ hound, don’t you? I especially enjoy the rugged hunting outfit.

I hate housework, tooIt says “I Hate Housework.” You hang it on the wall. No, I don’t know why.

Bubble Bath BassetYou could customize this one. I got “H” for my Basset at the time, Hennessy.

Bank on this BassetI’m guessing this was a hospital gift-shop item. It’s a planter.

Why Wyoming?Another bottle. And Wyoming wasn’t the only state that had these.

Basset BeretBassets are originally from France. Hence the beret on the cookie jar.

Flask to the RescueI guess if you couldn’t find a Saint Bernard…but what about the deep snow? Bassets are vertically challenged (or as we owners prefer to put it, extremely grounded). Another bottle (the nose is the cork).

Drink meUm, I don’t know exactly how you’d drink out of this. From the forehead?

Too TragicThe breed is known to be somewhat dramatic. This is a bank.

Planter plusAnother planter. But what is that compartment in the front for? Cigarettes? Candy? Your choice.

Basset HuddleThe top three Bassets are the top of this box. You’ve seen the video of the Bassets coming out of the doghouse, haven’t you?

But how did he get in...?But how did the dog get in the…oh, never mind.

You get the idea. Now the whole CBC collection is getting boxed up and going to Daphneyland, the Basset Ranch up north of Los Angeles, Dawn Smith has 60+ rescued Bassets looking for homes. I’m getting one this weekend. And leaving my CBC days behind. Dawn will sell the crap, I mean collectibles, to benefit the homeless hounds. I’m done with buying Basset stuff on eBay.

Because I’m much too busy buying fabric.