Nepal Day of the Dog

Michelle Page runs Danger Dogs from Nepal. You send her a photo of your dog, then Nepalese artists paint metal signs with the slogan of your choice. She usually has three different artists paint each dog. Any signs you don’t purchase are sold in museum gift shops. It’s a good deal for you, the artists, and the museums. Those are my dogs above, Stella and Johnnie.

Michelle’s in Nepal right now, and today is the Day of the Dog. She told me to drape my dogs in marigold garlands and give them treats. Treats? No problem. Unfortunately, marigolds are out of season here in Los Angeles, so we had to improvise.

Stella Garlanded

You might argue any day at my house is Day of the Dog. You might be right.

Johnnie Garlanded

Have yourself a lovely day. Go get a treat.