Golden Rules

My friend JoAnn left her dog Charlotte with me for a week. Turns out Charlotte will do anything for a cookie. We decided to do something for homeless hounds.

You can see the book here, using the Book ID M803577 and the password 1286631. But don’t buy it there! Instead donate $30 (or more!) to Daphneyland through PayPal and put Golden Rules in the message box (make sure PayPal has your mailing address). I will personally cover the cost of the book and mailing, so 100% of your donation goes to helping hounds in need. I’ll email you as soon as I get your information, and get the book out to you right away.

Daphneyland is a ranch in the high desert north of Los Angeles. Dawn has up to 100 Basset Hounds at one time, until they find their forever homes. She takes in the ones no one else will help, the sick, the old, the hopeless. Stella was one of her special cases, and now she lives with me.

Thanks for your donation!