Kindred Photography Souls

What I learned from guest blogging for Scott Kelby yesterday: there are a lot of people out there who love photography and need to make it a part of their lives. I heard from young and old, employed or not, beginners or longtime hobbyists. Some stories were sad, some inspirational, some both. Some hesitated to call themselves photographers. I love Paul Simon’s quote: “If you make music, you’re a musician.” Same for writers, artists, photographers. It’s not about whether you get paid, it’s about what you create.

One woman summed it up when she explained she felt guilty spending money on her “hobby” but photography feeds her soul. Exactly. Don’t we all need to weed out the things that drain us in life, and make more time for the things that feed us?

Some things that feed me: hiking with the dogs, taking photographs, writing, reading, donating to charity, volunteering, mountains, the ocean, good friends, great food. I try to include all of them every week. Some weeks I’m more successful than others. So I try harder.

It was interesting that so many people were inspired to start new projects. I’m a big fan of projects and assignments. Just because it’s only for you and you’re not getting paid doesn’t mean you can’t be serious and professional and complete a project. It’s also a wonderful way of learning a new skill.

I just found a writer who writes about this sort of thing. With much more colorful language than I use here, and more forcefully. I’m delighted to make her blog one of the good things in my week. Please meet Erika Napoletano: