Why my camera is upside down…

Here are a few basic camera tips that will make your life easier and keep you from making annoying mistakes when you’re shooting.

When I go to pick up my camera and it’s lying upside down, there’s a reason. Any time I take out the battery and/or memory card, I turn the camera over. That way I know something’s missing and needs to be replaced. If everything’s there, the camera is right side up.

And here’s what I do when I take that memory card out. I import the photos to my external hard drive and back them up to another external hard drive. When I know they’re imported and backed up, I put the card back into the camera and immediately format it (erasing all images). This way, if my card should happen to have images on it, I know they haven’t been imported and backed up, and I know not to erase them in the camera.

But just to be doubly sure, when I’m getting ready to leave with my camera, I take one photo. That way I know I have a working battery and memory card. I also check to make sure I didn’t leave some wacky settings on the camera from the last shoot. After checking, I delete the photo and I’m good to go.

Oh, and when you’re out and about with your camera, please do not do this:

I know, it’s tempting to dangle your camera strap off the table to leave more room for your food. But sooner or later someone (maybe even you) will snag that strap accidentally and crash your camera to the floor.

That’s it, a few habits that will make your phototgraphic life easier and safer.